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Dr. Jenny Davies

Dr. Jenny Davies

Dr. Jenny Davies is originally from San Diego, California. She has worked with a variety of animals from jaguars, horses, and vicuñas, particularly in the context of their interactions with people. After completing her master’s degree in Conservation Biology, she ultimately decided to become a veterinarian because above all, she enjoys helping animals and fostering the connection people have with their pets.

Dr. Jenny received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Florida and has spent the past eight years working as a small animal veterinarian in the Seattle area. Her interests are in geriatric medicine, behavior, preventative care, dermatology, and dentistry.

She especially enjoys partnering with people to help them understand their animal’s condition and how to provide best practices that are individualized for each patient and owner. It is also very important to her to ensure her patient’s comfort during their stay at the hospital.

When not at work sneaking snuggles from her patients, she enjoys learning about mythology and folklore, traveling, music, and spending time with her dog Púca and the cats. Dr. Jenny is excited to be a part of the wonderful team at the Ark Veterinary Clinic!